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What can you expect from our 2021/22 Teacher Planners? I couldn't be more excited to reveal the following...

As always, we've taken your invaluable feedback from our 2020/21 range and applied much of it to this year's planner. Year on year we strive to give our fellow teachers the absolute best when it comes to their planner. No compromises. No excuses. Only the best.

We hope you love it as much as we do...

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We are extremely proud of how far TPTC has come since it started in a living room in 2017. Built from the ground by teachers (and partners who got caught up in it too), we've built a community of thousands of educators. Our TPTC Community is full of amazing and inspiring teachers, always there to support and motivate each other: a true Happy Place For Teachers. We'd love for you to meet our TPTC Team:

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