Our Favourite Teacher Instagram Accounts

Our Favourite Teacher Instagram Accounts

We love using Instagram to get some teacher inspiration! There are so many great teachers sharing their work and passion on Instagram, it’s a great way to get inspiration for classroom decoration, organisation and workload management, motivation and support, ideas for all year groups and different subjects…there are so many different kinds of teachers sharing great information and insights into their lives on Instagram, it’s a great resource. If you’re new to teacher Instagram, it’s a great place to start if you’re an ECT or if you’ve taken on a new role like a subject lead and you’re looking for ideas. Plus, we love it for planner inspiration of course! So here are a few of our favourite teacher Instagram accounts – plus, you can follow our Instagram here!

#1 @‌Mr_C_Classroom

Matthew is an EYFS teacher and his Instagram account is full of great classroom inspiration for decoration and activities! He has created a beautiful ‘reading garden’ by hanging faux plants and vines from the ceiling and it creates such a lovely, calm space for reading. He also shares great activities; we loved seeing his easter sensory tray and a fun colour sorting activity recently.

#2 @BulletJournalbyChloe

Chloe loves planners so of course we love her account! She actually trialled some of our recent plan with me packs recently (which you can see here!) and featured the planner pages on her Instagram, which was so fun to see. She uses lots of great stickers and does some lovely doodles and drawing in her planner so her page is always filled with great inspiration for your own teacher planner. She’s also an ECT and we love seeing how she organises her tasks!

#3 @‌Georginaksimmons

Georgina is a year 6 teacher who shares her love of theatre and travel, all the shows she sees and the places she goes. We love to see what teachers’ lives look like outside of school and how they have fun and Georgina’s account is full of that. It’s a great reminder to take some time for yourself and follow your passions outside of school! Teaching is a vocation and we devote so much of ourselves to it, but we’re also all unique and full individuals outside of work and we love to see teachers having fun in all areas of their life.

#4 @letthemplayinpuddles

Lauren is a KS1 teacher and her Instagram username, let them play is puddles, sums up her account so well! She’s all about letting children explore, learn through play, and interact with nature and the outdoors, and of course she shares this all on her Instagram. We love seeing her outdoor learning ideas and how she brings natural materials into the classroom for children to explore. There’s lots of fun and creativity going on! She also shares some lovely KS1 book recommendations which we always love to see.

#5 @classroom_sparkle

Natalie is a year 4 teacher and science lead, and we love the reels she posts. She has a clean yet fun aesthetic and shares lots of ideas about classroom management – we loved her recent post about how she doesn’t take marking home and what she does to manage this. She also shares lots of motivational and supportive posts about the realities of teaching which are so encouraging to others. Her posts are filled with useful information from subject-specific info like how they managed science week and improved guided reading lessons, to classroom management and morning activity slides.

We’re always looking for more fab teachers to follow online so we’d love to hear about your favourites! Let us know, and you can follow us on Instagram here to see more of our teacher planners and beautiful stationery.