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I don't know about you but I love getting a surprise box of goodies through my front door, especially mid-term when I'm in desparate need of a pick-me-up! Here at TPTC we've created a subscription box full of goodies you'll love as an educator. Every 2 months we'll send you a box full of exclusive TPTC gifts as well as products from other small businesses that we love.

Exclusive TPTC products Through Your Letterbox

Every 2 months, we'll send you a themed box of goodies for just £20 (free shipping). Our boxes are sent out the 1st of every other month. Our first box will be shipped on the 1st September and then every other month thereafter. The cut off date for subscription of the next post box is 7 days before they are due to ship.

  • Add TPTC Post To Your Basket

    Add TPTC Post To Your Basket

    We won't share the contents of the box with you until they've all been sent out, but we might share a few hints on our social media channels!

  • Enter Your Subscription Details

    Enter Your Subscription Details

    Add the name and address of who you would like the box to go to each term.

  • Get excited for your first box to arrive!

    Get excited for your first box to arrive!

    Every 2 months we'll send you a whole new box of stationery goodies. Pause, skip or cancel your subscription anytime.

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  • Here's what to expect from your box...

    We love thinking of magical themes for our post boxes. We've had so many amazing ones already: rainbows, mountains, kindness... and we have so many more up our sleeve!

  • Supporting Small Businesses

    We love discovering and supporting small business like ourselves so in your termly box, you'll find at least one other business. We've had some amazing ones so far so if you have a small business yourself and would like to be included in our box, do get in touch!