Books in My Reading Record – KS1 Teacher Edition

Books in My Reading Record – KS1 Teacher Edition

We all know it’s key as teachers to (let’s say it together everyone…) – encourage a love of reading! But reading isn’t just for our students, it’s for us too, and here at TPTC we’re big bookworms. That’s why our Teacher Planner includes a ‘Books I’ve Read This Year’ page, with a bookshelf filled with blank books ready for you to colour and fill in as you read. Reading is a brilliant way to take a bit of time out for yourself, whether it’s sitting down with a physical book, reading in bed on your Kindle, or listening to an audiobook as you drive to school.

So for all those Key Stage 1 teachers out there, we’ve got 6 book recommendations for you: 3 are for your class, and 3 are for you! We hope these books give you some inspiration for what to read with your Year 1 or Year 2 class, plus some ideas for books to add to your own shelves. We’d love to hear your recommendations too! What are your favourite books? Let us know or tag us in a photo on Instagram

Books for your KS1 Class

Oi Frog! by Kes Gray

A classic! We recently made a TikTok (follow us here!) where we shared some of our favourite children’s books and this one was top of Laura's list. For good reason too, this is an engaging and funny book that introduces rhyming in a really accessible way. Prepare to have your students jumping up and decrying these outrageous rules (do frogs REALLY have to sit on logs??), then you can have a go at making up some of your own rhymes.

Tisha and the Blossom by Wendy Meddour

We love this book because it is a super calm read that is great for promoting mindfulness and self-awareness in children. Tisha is a thoughtful little girl who loves to pay attention to nature around her, but is often pulled away by the business of life. At the end of a very busy day, she is fed up with being told to hurry up all the time! So her mum suggests they walk home from school instead of get the bus, and take their time noticing the sights and sounds along the way. This is a really lovely story that can spark discussion about what might make you feel stressed and hurried, and what you can do to slow down and feel calm. Plus, is it beautifully illustrated – always a bonus!

The Suitcase by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

A great one to stat of a PSHE lesson and spark some discussion, The Suitcase is a great way to introduce the idea of refugees to younger children. A new animal arrives carrying a suitcase, and everyone wonders who he is, where he has come from, and if his tales are true. What does he have in his suitcase? It’s a lovely book that is very open, so really allows children to use their imagination and discuss friendship and kindness.


Books for KS1 Teachers

Happiness Falls by Angie Kim

Happiness Falls is a gripping story full of twists and family secrets that follows a Korean-American family in Virginia. Mia’s father suddenly goes missing while on a walk with her teenage brother, and the family start to question everything. As we learn more about what may have happened to her father, we find out more about their family and the secrets they hold. A great balance of a thrilling mystery with real heart and family connection. You might also recognise this author as from her previous bestseller, Miracle Creek.

Everyone Who Can Forgive Me is Dead by Jenny Hollander

A fast-paced thriller about a long-forgotten tragedy coming back to light. Nine years ago, tragic events occurred at an elite graduate school on Christmas Eve and became known in the public as ‘Scarlet Christmas’. Charlie was a key witness, and fled from the press and the police to put the night behind her. Now she’s a successful editor-in-chief, but Scarlet Christmas is back. A former classmate has made a film all about that night, and it’s dredging up questions she doesn’t want to answer…

The Maiden by Kate Foster

We had to include a pick from the recently-announce Women’s Prize for Fiction Longlist, and we chose this historical novel that puts a feminist twist on a real historical case. Set in Edinburgh in 1679, where news is spreading of Lady Christian Nimmo’s arrest for the murder of her husband. But who is Lady Christian? She seemed to be living a life of luxury, so what led her to have an affair? Is she really a murderer?


We’d love to hear about your favourite books!