Teacher Inspiration: How This Teacher Uses Her Display Packs to Decorate Her Classroom

Teacher Inspiration: How This Teacher Uses Her Display Packs to Decorate Her Classroom

Today we’re taking a sneak peek into how teacher and book blogger Vikki (find her on Instagram here!) is using her TPTC display packs to decorate her classroom and her school. Our display packs (find them here!) are downloadable, editable, printable designs that you can use to decorate and organise your classroom, with everything from printable borders and bunting to editable labels and posters. Vikki has kindly shared with us how she has used her display packs, using different designs. She’s a friend of TPTC and uses our planners too. ‘My planner is everything for the school day, my daily planner is used for my daily to do, interventions and everything else,’ Vikki says. Keep on reading to get some classroom design inspiration and see how she uses our display packs!


Mixing and Matching Designs

Vikki says she couldn’t choose a favourite design this year, so she’s used three! To decorate her classroom this year she’s used the Stationery Love, Midnight Rain, and Song Bird designs from our new collection, plus a Good Vibes pack from last year’s collection. ‘I decided to do a bit of a mix and match in my room to pretty it up,’ she says. We love how she used different borders for different displays – it really makes each display distinct from each other. ‘I mixed and matched the borders. I decided to use a polka dot border for my command words display because it’s bright and at the front of the room,' Vikki says.

Repurposing Pieces

Our display packs contain lots of pieces that are completely editable (with PowerPoint), so you can customise everything to your needs so it suits your classroom. We love the way Vikki has taken this a step further and used the display packs in so many different ways, like using the circular labels to create little fact bubbles that pop out from the corners of her display. ‘I also used the labels to create a key terminology board. I decided to mix and match designs and when putting them up, I tried to make sure one design isn’t directly next to the same one,’ she says. ‘The file covers I adapted as posters and I put those with the affirmations so they matched nicely.’ She also used tray labels to create captions showing the four purposes for her Welsh curriculum. Tray labels aren’t just for trays, as she’s showing!

Thinking about the Future

We all want to conserve supplies as teachers and try to make our lives easier for the future. Sometimes if you put in the time now, you’ll save yourself time in the future, or if you put in some resources now you can save needing new resources next year. Vikki thought carefully about this when using her display packs. She says, ‘I decided laminated borders would be the best option. If removed carefully they can go in my display box for future use.’ Borders are definitely something that can be repurposed year after year, and laminating them once means they can be used again and again, rather than printing new ones.

Making Things Look Fun!

We love how she really worked hard to make her displays both functional and fun. Of course, displays need to clearly display helpful information, so that they can be used by students and get across information in a way that’s clear – that’s the whole point! But trying to make your displays look fun and aesthetically pleasing is a great way to get students to engage with them, it makes them noticeable and eye-catching. ‘I selected some stationery images to add a little touch to displays,’ Vikki says. She took some images from the Stationery Love set and cut them out so she could dot them around the displays to add a fun touch. We love this creative use of the pack!

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