Our Favourite Teacher TikTokers to Inspire & Entertain

Our Favourite Teacher TikTokers to Inspire & Entertain

We’re all guilty of spending a not *insignificant* amount of our time on TikTok, but there are so many fantastic creators out there sharing content that's fun, relatable, educational, and entertaining in every topic – even teaching. Sure, sometimes we look up from our phones and realise we’ve done a bit of mindless scrolling that maybe our day would have been better without, but we’ve also found some brilliant people who are great inspiration, and we’ve got great tips, advice, and motivation as well. It’s all about using it mindfully! So in that spirit, we’re here to tell you about some of our favourite teacher TikTokers – and we’d love to know your favourites too!


Jen is a primary teacher who, as well as TikTok, has her own YouTube account if you also enjoy a bit of longer-form content. She shares a lot of fun memes and videos that will just give you a little laugh if you’ve managed to snatch a ten minute break, which can give you a bit of a boost when you need it! You can feel her passion for teaching in her videos and she shares lots of tips and ideas as well as her fun memes. We also love an organized queen and Jen is a big user of her Cricut machine and loves to make different things for her classroom, which we love to see.


We love Miss Plantlady’s account as she shares such brilliant insights into her life as a secondary science teacher. She posts a lot of day in the life videos which are super detailed – she’s not just about a cute aesthetic, like TikTok can sometimes feel, she talks a lot about what her day really looks like, the lessons she’s creating, and the balance it takes to manage the work. We love the realistic yet positive look into the life of a secondary teacher, and we find her videos super honest and relatable, she is clearly fab at her job. She also did a fun series where she decorated her TPTC teacher planner which we loved to see! It’s such a smart idea to decorate the whole planner at once, so that throughout the year you get to use a fun, decorated planner without needing to take the time during term to actually decorate it.


Miss A is a London-based Year 1 teacher who shares insights and looks into her daily life as a teacher. We love that she shares the little highlights (all the cute pictures the children give you) and the annoyances (what to DO with all the cute pictures the children give you!). She also shares advice and keeps things very real and honest, which can be so helpful if you’re struggling and need someone to give you permission to be kind to yourself. We also enjoy her tips on staying organised – did YOU know that you can put two pages through a laminator at once??


Miss Khan is a Year 1 teacher who posts super fun content, she has a lot of energy (an unofficial job requirement of a KS1 teacher!) and shares that in her videos which we love to see. She shares a lot about what she does with her Year 1 class which is great inspiration as she keeps things really fresh and exciting. She also shares hauls and good buys for her classroom. We love her recent IKEA classroom tips, she made a great book display out of some affordable IKEA racks and used them to display different topic books.


We love Laurie Alyce’s videos because as well as teaching, she shares a lot of travel content which we love to watch, especially during term when we’re dreaming about what we’ll do in the school holidays! She is a head of history based in Devon and we love to see the different insight into teaching from the perspective of a head of year. She shares lots of different kind of videos like travel vlogs, teacher days in the life, and fun moments from her life. We also love that she often shares her current reads, she reads a lot of historical books (as you might imagine!) and we love the recommendations. She’s also a TPTC planner user! We loved seeing her use the monthly goals page in her teacher planner to keep track of her more long-term goals.


This is just scratching the surface, there are so many brilliant teachers on TikTok. Who are your favourites? We'd love to know!