How To Decorate Your Classroom for a Class Party!

How To Decorate Your Classroom for a Class Party!

There are many reasons to decorate a classroom – the start of a new year, a change in season, to celebrate a holiday…or to set the mood for a class party! Maybe your party is a reward for good class behaviour, or to celebrate a big accomplishment, or to say goodbye at the end of the year. Whatever the reason, it is super exciting for a student to walk into their classroom to find it transformed, and it can really make the party feel extra special. So, we’ve put together a little guide to making your classroom party-ready with our printable classroom display packs – we’ve used the Cosmic Haze pack as we think the colours are bright and fun, but you can see the whole range of designs here.


Add a bright border somewhere central

Choose a colourful border, like our Cosmic Haze design, and put it somewhere prominent where it can make a big impact. You could try putting it around the door frame to create a fun party entrance – maybe fix some string across the door so the students need to limbo through the party door to gain entrance. You could also put the border around the edge of your smart board or whiteboard – they tend to be in very central places that all the children can see easily, and adding a colourful border will create instant impact in a space they often see.

Add some sparkle

You know what they say: tinsel’s not just for Christmas, it’s for life. You can get tinsel in so many colours and it makes a great quick and easy way to decorate for a party. Pick colour that matches your theme, or go for something metallic or glittery. Then the magic trick – add some fairy lights to make your tinsel sparkle. Hang your fairy lights just above or below it, or twist them together, and you have bright, sparkly, textured décor in no time.

Jazz up your lesson slides!

If you’ll be using your smart board or interactive whiteboard in your school party, then make them match your party theme! Maybe you’ve put together a few slides to explain what will be happening at the party and set your behaviour expectations, or maybe you’ll be using the board for a class quiz or to explain the activities. Set the mood by matching your lesson slides to your theme with our display packs – they come with slide templates so you can easily whip up a vibrant presentation to get your students excited for the party.

Welcome your guests…

…with a welcome sign! It may be small, but can make a big impact. Your students walk into your classroom nearly every day, so changing something about that entrance can make the day feel really different and special. Let them know from the get go that something exciting is going on by adding a welcome sign. Our classroom display packs come with a welcome door sign that fits the design you’ve chosen, so your welcome sign can match with the rest of your decorations and signal that it’s time to party!

Gel pens!

Another tip that’s all about something small and simple, yet effective. Gel pens! Who among us wasn’t excited by gel pens as child? (Or maybe is still excited by them now? Just us?) The principle is simple, your students spend most days in this same room using the same resources, so anything that is new and different is going to feel like an exciting change that makes the day feel a little special. So bring out some new colourful, sparkly gel pens, or any other different kind of pen or pencil, as the party resource of the day. It doesn’t need to be gel pens, you could get some metallic pens or pencils, some brush pens – anything that’s different to what you usually use that is colourful or sparkly will spark some excitement and get students enthusiastic about the party activities.