How To Bring Nature into your Classroom to Create a Calming Environment

How To Bring Nature into your Classroom to Create a Calming Environment

We have a huge range of new designs which you can use to decorate your classroom ready for a fresh new school year. In this guide we’ll be talking you through how you can create a relaxing, calm, natural environment in your classroom with our Tropical Leaves display pack! All of our display packs come with a huge range of printables, from borders, posters, and bunting, to labels, stickers, and pre-made displays – all matching the tropical leaves theme. Our display packs are a teacher’s not-so-secret weapon for creating an organised, beautiful classroom in record time. Read on to hear our tips on using the natural environment to create a calming, peaceful classroom.

The colour scheme & colour theory

The colour scheme is totally key when it comes to our Tropical Leaves theme. Of course, the main design is the beautiful illustrated tropical leaves, but there are also a range of other greens you’ll see throughout the pack. So, for example, when you’re printing out labels for your magazine files, you can choose to have these in the leaf design or in a shade of green. According to colour theory, greens are a relaxing colour and promote feelings of peacefulness, especially muted and natural shades like the ones in our collection. Classroom colour is so important, and bringing in these calming, natural shades of green can have a big impact on the feel of your room and can help your students feel ready to learn.

Incorporate real plants

Having our tropical leaf pattern around your classroom is a great first step to bringing nature indoors, so take it a step further and bring some real plants into your classroom! We recommend something that’s easy to look after, like a peace lily. Make sure you think about the spot you’ll be putting your plants in – do you have a sunny windowsill that’s perfect for a succulent, or is your classroom a bit darker? If so, you’ll need to find a plant that can handle living in the shade, like a fern or a snake plant. Having real plants can also be a great opportunity to discuss things like how to look after plants and what they need to grow and be healthy. You could also make the watering a classroom job and assign it to a student, which gives them some responsibility and means you have one less thing to remember to do!

Link to the environment with an Eco Pledge

Now that we’re thinking about nature, we have some real plants and we’re thinking about keeping them healthy, you can link your classroom design to the environment by creating an eco-pledge with your students! Using the design and the plants as prompts, get them thinking about looking after the environment. What do they know already? What we can do to look after the environment and nature? Ask the children to share their ideas, then have a think about what you can do in school as a class to look after nature. Can you make sure to recycle paper that you’re finished with? Can you try to reduce waste by making sure to use whiteboard pens until they’ve completely run out? Make a poster with your students and put it up on the wall – you can even have them all sign it! Our display pack comes with illustrated tropical leaf borders which would be perfect for creating an Eco Pledge display board.

Match your lesson slides

To really round out your theme, our display packs come with powerpoint slides to match! The slides use the illustrated tropical leaf design, as well as the rest of the colours in the green theme, and matching fonts. This means your interactive board or screen can match your classroom and keep the natural, peaceful theme going. It can be really helpful for students to make sure you use consistent fonts to aid their reading, so our display packs allow you to keep this consistent across your lessons and displays. It also means you could create some quick displays, if you like to regularly switch out your display boards based on what you are learning each week. Have a lesson slide that’s particularly useful? Take a screenshot and print it out – and it’ll instantly match the rest of your classroom!

If you want to have a look at our Tropical Leaves classroom display pack and find out more about everything it comes with, you can find it here. If you like the idea of a display pack but think maybe the tropical leaves design isn’t for you, we have a whole range of other designs which you can find here. We’d love to know which is your favourite! Tag us on Twitter or Instagram to let us know. And of course, we’d love to see how you use these packs in your classroom!