Guide: The Daily Planner vs The Teacher Planner

Guide: The Daily Planner vs The Teacher Planner

It’s our mission to create products that help to make your lives that little bit easier, and bring some positivity while we’re at it! So we have a whole range of planners because different people need different things. If you’re not sure which planner is right for you, we’re here to help. If you know you want a weekly planner, have a look at this blog post where we talk through the differences between the Teacher Planner and the Weekly Planner. But as well as these weekly options, we also have a Daily Planner, with a whole page dedicated to each day. So if you’re not sure whether to go for the Teacher Planner or the Daily Planer, let’s talk a bit more about each planner and how you could use them.

The Planner Basics

One of the biggest differences in these two planners is how you will use them on a daily basis. The Daily Planner has one page for each day, with a blank schedule so you can add your own time slots – you can put in specific times for meetings, lessons, or appointments, and then you can use the rest of the space to create a rough plan for the day as it’s a flexible space. There’s also a To Do list for each day, as well as a notes section and a box for any special events. The Teacher Planner is different as it is a weekly planner, which means that you can see your whole week, Monday to Friday, across a double page spread. Each day has 6 blank boxes which are ideal for planning out classes and lessons and can be used super flexibly. There’s also a To Do list and a Notes section that will apply to your whole week.

Let’s also talk about what they look like. Both planners come in the same range of beautiful cover designs, so if you have your heart set on a design then you’ll be able to get it no matter which planner you choose! Both planners are hardback but they are different sizes – the Teacher Planner is A4 while the Daily Planner is B5, which is a more compact size so you may find it easier to carry around with you if you often move from space to space.

What else is included?

The big difference between the planners is how they are organised; the Daily Planner is organised into months, while the Teacher Planner has 6 different tabbed sections, and one of these is the weekly planning pages. The Daily Planner has some long term planning pages like a year overview, timetables, and a long term overview, and then each monthly section has a goal setting page, a monthly overview, and all of your daily pages. So the Daily Planner is focused on organising your day to day, which is great for busy schedules and people whose days never look the same!

The Teacher Planner is much more focused on planning throughout the school year. It has a Teacher Focus tab with pages for all your key information, a Calendar section which is where you’ll find your month overviews (separate from your weekly pages), Term Plans, with lots of pages to come up with ideas, plan medium and long term and organise things like your seating plan. Then there’s the Weekly Pages section which you’ll be using day to day, a Meetings section with space to take notes so you can bring your planner along to all your meetings, and there’s an Assessment section with lots of records and groups planning pages.

@positiveteacherco How I use a Daily Planner to keep my organised both at home and at work. My planner is never beautiful if I’m honest 😅 it’s usually full of scribbles and i press in really really hard- I always have especially with a ball point. The Daily Planner is so flexible i can adapt the schedule to fit whatever I need to to be each day. Daily Planners are definitely not just for teachers! #academicdiary #organisationtips #organisedmum #mumplanner #teacherplanner #worklifebalance ♬ original sound - ☆𝐄𝐋𝐋𝐀💗🌈🛍️

How could I use the planners?

Which planner you use is a personal decision that depends on what your days look like and how you like to get organised. We think that the Teacher Planner is great for teachers (of course!) as it’s a one-stop-shop for organising your terms and your lesson planning, which is a big complicated job that can be made a little easier by having this one place to plan it all out. We also think it works well for teachers who are subject leads, as it provides lots of planning space which can be helpful for both planning for your own teaching as well as for your subject lead responsibilities. It can also be helpful for members of the Senior Leadership Team, or school SLT, who are involved in curriculum and planning too.

The Daily Planner is ideal for anyone, whether you work in education or not, that wants to use a planner across the academic year. It’s great for teachers who may prefer a daily layout, as well as teaching assistants, headteachers, SLT, school business managers and others who work in education and schools. It’s even great for parents! Have a look at our TikTok where our social media manager Lois shares how she uses it as a mum, like marking the school term in the year overview and using the timetable page to mark out nursery times and toddler groups.

How can I find out more?

If you want a closer look at the planners, head over to their pages on our website where there’s a walkthrough video for each one, so you can see exactly what’s in each planner. You could also join our Facebook community and see how other people are using their planners!

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