GUEST BLOG: How to make Pom Poms by @displaylady

GUEST BLOG: How to make Pom Poms by @displaylady


How to make Pom Poms!

Pom poms have been one of my most used display props in the 8 years I have been teaching. I love them so much because they can be anything snow, leaves, monsters you name it, it can probably become one! They only require 3 things to actually make them (2 if you don’t want to hang them) so who can argue with that!

You Will Need:

Tissue paper (8-10 sheets)

Long pipe cleaner

String/ fishing wire (if you want to hang it up)


Start with 8 sheets of tissue paper (all the same size and piled up) you can use more but no more than 10 or you’ll find later steps too difficult! 

You can choose all the same colour or alternate! Your choice!

Fold the tissue paper like a fan. Fold up an edge (around 2″) then flip over the whole thing and turn it up again.

So you will end up with a fan like this: 

Tie a pipe cleaner around the middle (you can hang it using this).

We must remember to cut the ends now. Try out different cuts at the end like rounded edges or points: 

Cut through all the layers of your fan at the same time at each end.

Next take one half and pull out each side. Make sure you do one side then the other to make sure it’s even

When you have fluffed out one side it will look like this:

Take care not to rip the tissue paper as you do this! Then just do the same with the other side.

Then voila fluff out and hang using the pipe cleaner!

Enjoy making lots of things with these! 

I added googley eyes to make monsters to match my monster theme. Shades of green will make a tree white for snowflakes and so much more!