A Look Inside The Brand New 'The Positive Teacher Notebook'

A Look Inside The Brand New 'The Positive Teacher Notebook'

Since starting TPTC in 2017, our A4 notebooks have been a staple to our collection. I designed them, like everything for TPTC, with busy educators in mind. They've undergone a serious makeover this year and I couldn't be happier with the results. Available in two different colours, our new notebooks will fit in perfectly with your TPTC collection. So let me show you what to expect...

The Notebook 

The notebooks are A4 in size, hardback and also come with that handy inside pocket that you find in our planners and diaries. We have also included some gold protective corners so keep it looking pristine all year, as well as matching gold elastic and gold logo.


Our new notebook is split into 4 sections: Notes, To Do, Idea Space and Meetings/CPD. At TPTC we love to maximise space, so you will even find some useful and purposeful sections on our dividers. I'm so pleased with how the dividers look in the notebooks: the headings are all gold foiled too!

 Section 1: Notes

Our notes section is filled with 52 lined 'Notes' pages. You can also find a handy contents page on the divider tab for this section so you can keep track of your notes.

 Section 2: To Do

Our to do section is full of to do lists. It's so important that a to do list is purposeful and achievable. Therefore I've included a 'top three priorities' section on each one, as you may know my favourite productivity quote is: 'when you have too many priorities, you have no priorities.'

Section 3: Idea Space

I know how important it is as educators, to have an organised space to capture ideas. We're constantly thinking and gaining inspiration so our 'Ideas' section is full of dotted pages as well as some mind map pages.

Section 4: Meetings/CPD

The final section of the notebook will keep all of your meetings and CPD events in one organised place. With a contents page on the divider tab too, it will be super easy to look back at meetings/training throughout the year.

Our new notebook will launch on the 11th September. make sure you are signed up to our newsletter for an exclusive discount code.