A Look Inside our Daily Teacher Planner

A Look Inside our Daily Teacher Planner

If you work on an academic year, whether you’re a teacher, an administrator, or a member of SLT, our daily planner is here to help you stay organised at work! Today we’re taking you through some of the key features of your daily planner so you can decide if it’s the right planner for you, but if you want to watch a video to see the full run through of everything that’s included, click here.

The daily page

Let’s take a look at the daily page itself. We tried to keep this super flexible so you can use it in the way that best suits you, so there’s a big unlabelled section that can be used lots of different ways. If you teach multiple classes, you could have one section per class. You could also use it as a daily timetable and write in times or periods on the left, and a little plan for each lesson on the right, or a list of which resources you’ll need for each so you can make sure you have everything you need. Having these blank means they’re super flexible – so if you have a PPA session, you can use one of the boxes as a PPA to do list, and the rest to plan out your lessons for the day. There’s also a special events and notes section which is perfect for jotting down things you need to remember, like if you have break duty, a club to run, or a meeting with parents. Plus there’s a big To Do list to keep you organised.

Weekend page

There’s an entire page dedicated to each work day, Monday to Friday, and then Saturday and Sunday share a page for the weekend. If you use your planner to plan your personal life as well as your work life, you’ve got these weekend pages to help you with that. There’s a big, flexible open space for you to plan your day in a way that works for you. Busy day of appointments, kids clubs, and a click and collect on Saturday? Pop in all the times and use the space as a schedule. Duvet day on Sunday? Use the space to list out all the movies you want to watch and snacks you want to have!

The monthly pages

There are two monthly pages to get you organised and prepared each month, as well as to look back on what you’ve done. One is focused on things to think about: what you’re grateful for, anything you’re excited for, and – back by popular demand – the books and movies section! We know lots of you really enjoy this section where you can note down which books you’ve read that month and which films and TV shows you’ve watched, so we’ve made sure to include it here!

There’s also the monthly goal-setting page, where you can plan out three big goals for each month. We’ve given you a little space to describe each goal, then an area where you can break each goal down into smaller steps, to make them more manageable and help you be successful! Then there’s a little section to track where you are with each goal and how it’s going. This is a great way to help to keep up with some of the longer-term tasks you need to do that can sometimes get lost in amongst all the daily jobs of teaching and work.

Information pages

Of course, we all have to keep lots and lots of records, so we’ve provided a space to do just that in your daily planner so all your notes and info are in one place. They’re blank so they can be used in whichever way works best for you, whether that’s as a reading record, attendance at a club you’re running, or records of your own tasks. Plus, there are lots of other pages for you to keep track of things and plan out your school year, like the timetables pages and the long term overview.

So the daily planner is so much more than just a daily planner! If you’re the kind of person who likes to start fresh each day with a new blank page, but also wants some long-term planning options, it’s all here in our daily planner. Have a look at all of its features and buy yourself a planner here!