A Christmas Gift Guide for the Teacher in Your Life

A Christmas Gift Guide for the Teacher in Your Life

So, you're buying a present for a teacher - we know we’re hard to buy for! But don’t worry, here at TPTC it is our passion to make things that teachers love. We’ve put together a few suggestions and ideas for what to buy that teacher in your life, whether it’s your spouse, your sibling, your parent, or your friend that’s a teacher, we think you’ll find something here you can get them for an extra-special Christmas.


A Countdown to Christmas Box

You’ll definitely get points for the most EXCITING gift here! Our Countdown to Christmas Box is the gift that keeps on giving…for 7 days. You’ll get a box of wrappd presents, each with a date on which they should be opened, so your teacher friend or family member will get to unwrap a new present every day for a whole week. The box is filled with a great range of different products, some of which can’t be found anywhere else, so they’re perfect for a Positive Teacher Company fan. Plus, at least one of the gifts will be personalised with their name. This really is the ideal present if you want to go all out for the teacher in your life – we know they deserve it!

A Planner Gift Card

Yes, it’s the middle of the school year, but we always love that ‘new year, new start’ buzz, so Christmas is a great time to give a teacher a gift card for their own teacher planner! We suggest giving a gift card as it is flexible to your budget, and allows them to choose what would be best for their classroom and their teaching practice. Your gift card could go towards the cost of a new planner, could cover the whole planner, or could be used for different accessories. If you really want to go all out (and you know your teacher friend or family member pretty well!), then you could go ahead and gift them a teacher planner. Choose a design that they’ll love!

A Christmas Bundle for Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Take a look at our cute Christmas bundle of goodies that say ‘Teachers Always Make the Nice List’ – it comes with a card, a mug, a tile (perfect as a coaster!) and an ornament. Plus, you can personalise it with their name to make it extra special. We love this suggestion as it also works for the Teaching Assistants in your life, have a look at our ‘Teaching Assistants Always Make the Nice List’ bundle too. This is a great little set that can be used each year at Christmas, and can even become part of their classroom Christmas décor every year.

A Unique Hamper

If you’re not sure what to get or can’t quite decide, go for a hamper and fill it with little treats! You could give it a Christmas theme with one of our ‘Teachers Always Make the Nice List’ mugs, and fill it with lovely little planner and stationery bits, like badges, washi tapes, and sticky notes. Have a look at our Under £5 Gifts section for some ideas. Find a cute basket or box (head to the charity shop or save something from a gift of your own), add some shredded tissue paper and sprinkle in some sequins, then place in your wrapped items for a super personal and special gift.

A Lined B5 Notebook (with a beautiful cover!)

Okay, people who are a little too obsessed with planning and stationery (like we are!) will be the ones who are nodding their head along when we say this, but can we all just agree that B5 is the best size? Spacious, yet portable, they leave loads of room for notes and ideas but don’t take up as much space as a whole A4 notepad. That’s why we created our beautiful B5 lined notebooks. This is perfect for those teachers who already have a planner; you can grab them a matching notepad! Teachers have an endless amount to write – lesson plans, training notes, to do lists, meeting minutes – so there’s always demand for a fresh new notepad. We had requests for some blank, lined notepads that have our gorgeous planner designs, so we listened and created these – we hope you love them as much as we do!