5 Ways to Create a Whimsical and Magical Classroom

5 Ways to Create a Whimsical and Magical Classroom

A great tip to find inspiration for your classroom is to pick a theme – it could be colour-based, like rainbow, or more of a vibe. This is where our display packs come in handy! We think our Emerald Forest classroom display pack is perfect for creating a classroom with a theme of magic and whimsy. Here are our tips on how you can create a magical classroom with elements of plants and nature.

Try our Emerald Forest classroom display pack

A super quick way to add a magical touch to your classroom is to design your displays with the right vibe – and our emerald forest classroom display pack is perfect for that. It has glittery, golden touches that make us think of spells and fairy dust, and the plants add a whimsical, natural element. You could keep this going in other areas by using gold glitter or gold lettering.

Change up the lighting

It’s simple, but effective: stringing some fairy lights is a great way to add some whimsy and wonder to your classroom. It can also be nice to have a way to change the lighting of your classroom, as we often have harsh, overhead lighting in classrooms. Of course, we need to be able to clearly see what we are doing, but it can also be overstimulating at times, so it’s nice to be able to change the feel of the room with lighting. You can also add lamps, or fairy glass jars, to make things feel magical and change the mood of the room. There are plenty of battery-operated options, if you have limited wall sockets or aren’t able to use them without approval.

Incorporate your magical theme into lessons

To really go for the theme, incorporate it into your activities where you can. Can you write instructions for a spell? Can you measure and weigh ingredients for a potion? Can you write a letter to a magical character? Adding a magical element to your lessons can help children really engage with them. Not all lessons can be made into a magical activity, but they can all have that magical vibe by using our themed lesson slides. Our display packs come with lesson slide templates that incorporate the design, so they can have a little sparkle of magic.

Theme your writing paper

If you’re working on something creative and magical, help to inspire your students by changing what they’re writing on! If they’re used to writing in a book or on plain lined paper, give them some themed writing paper with a magical border. Our display packs come with writing paper that matches the theme, with a range of line thicknesses. This is especially great if they have written a plan or a draft and you want a final, neat version, that will also show off their handwriting skills. Using a special piece of paper will help to remind the children to treat this work carefully – plus, they will look great if you display them on the wall!

Plants, plants, plants!

Plants are a great way to add to this theme of sparkly magical gold and whimsical nature. If real plants aren’t going to work (they don’t for everyone!) you can find other ways. You can add some synthetic plants, or string some synthetic vines across your room for a really immersive effect. You can buy these from hobby shops or homeware superstores. If synthetic plants aren’t your thing, you could use photos or illustrations of plants around your room, to fill in any bare gaps with something that adds to your theme.