5 Ways to Create a Magical New World in Your Classroom

5 Ways to Create a Magical New World in Your Classroom

We all want to create a classroom our students feel comfortable in, and one way to do that is to create an environment they can feel immersed in. Our starry sky display pack is perfect for creating a whole new world for your students to step into (though we have a whole range of display packs that would also work!). Creating a visually immersive classroom can help your students feel connected to the space and to each other, by feeling like they’re stepping into a room with purpose and personality. Here’s our guide to using our starry sky display pack to create an immersive, magical classroom.

Make it feel immersive

Embrace the starry theme and hang up some paper stars! Our display pack will help you decorate the walls, but carrying the theme up to the ceiling can really make it feel immersive and like your students have stepped into a new world. Having a fun, engaging classroom design can help students to feel welcome and happy in your classroom. You could also try stringing some themed bunting across the ceiling (there’s some included in the display pack) or placing some starry wall stickers up there!

Theme your tables

As well as just making the theme visual, bring it into your classroom routine and get your students involved. You could do this by theming your table groups, or different areas or your classroom if you don’t use table groups. Stick to the theme by choosing things like different planets, space-themed words, or constellations and display it on the tables. We love using Tolsby frames for this, so you can find Tolsby-sized printouts in our display packs.

Create a ‘Shoot for the Stars’ goals display

Use the classroom theme as inspiration to encourage your children to shoot for the stars! Use our classroom design as a launch pad at the start of the year to create a goals display with your children – you could print out individual stars for children to write on. Get them thinking about what achievements they have already made in life – riding a bike, learning a skill, making friends – and share these with each other as a positive ice breaker. Then, ask them to think about what new thing they’d like to achieve this year. Write it on the star and talk about how you’re going to shoot for it! Create a visual display to remind them of their dream, or pop them away in a box to rediscover later in the year like a mini time capsule.

Match your files and folders

Keep the theme going and add to the immersion by matching up even your files, folders, and notepads. This has the added bonus of keeping your more organised, making sure everything is labelled. Our display packs have labels in different shapes and sizes that you can customise to your classroom’s needs, so you can label everything from drawers to magazine files. Plus, our planners come in a matching theme too!

Add some mood lighting

Lighting can be so key for your classroom – it can really change the feel of a space. If you want to make your classroom really feel like its own space, try to change up the lighting. Add a lamp in a dark corner, or brighten up an area with some fairy lights. We all know what lighting in schools is like – bright, overhead, maybe even...boring? Of course, it’s important we can all see what we’re doing, but there’s no harm in adding your own touch to the lighting. It can show that you’ve really put thought into how to the space feels and will make it feel distinct from other school spaces.

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