5 Teacher Thank You Gifts Your Child’s Teacher Will Actually Want (+ a bonus!)

5 Teacher Thank You Gifts Your Child’s Teacher Will Actually Want (+ a bonus!)

It’s getting to that time of year again – the days are heating up, we’re sending the kids to school with sun cream and hoping they use it, and we’re thinking about saying goodbye to their teacher for the year. If your child has enjoyed their year at school, you might want to give their teacher a little something to say thank you – and can we just say, thank you for showing appreciation! The end of the school year is bittersweet, but it’s also a great time to remind our hardworking teachers just how much we appreciate the work they put in.

So if you and your child are wanting to get a teacher thank you gift, but you don’t just want to get another ‘best teacher’ mug (don’t get us wrong, every present is appreciated, but there is only so much cupboard space!), then read on for our suggestions for thank you presents to give your teacher that they will really enjoy!


#1 A Teacher Planner

Something many parents consider gifting their child’s teacher is some kind of diary or planner, and ours is the ultimate one! It is specifically designed for teachers, so it includes far more specialised pages than a normal planner, like termly planning sections, a timetable, seating plan, reading log, assessment records – all the things a teacher needs to plan in one place. Plus, if you want to get extra fancy, you can personalise it with the teacher's name! Want to go even further and make all the other teachers jealous? Make it a bundle with our bundle builder! That way, you can have a planner, a notebook, and three accessories to add more fun to the pages with stickers, washi tape, and pens.


#2 A drawing or a note from your child

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking what end of year teacher gift to buy, but remember that it’s a goodbye present as well as a thank you present, so use it to help your child say goodbye! Presents always mean so much more when they come with something personal, so a drawing or a little note done by your child will really elevate your gift. Many teachers have folders specifically for personal notes like these, so they can keep them forever and look back at them.


#3 A Planner Pad

If you’re not sure about going all in with the teacher planner but you want to get a teacher gift that will still help with planning, then how about one of our planner pads? We have a range of handy tear-off pads that sit on a teacher’s desk so they can quickly have a glace at their plan, then tear off the page and start again when they’re ready for a fresh sheet. We have a huge range of planning pads available (that you can also buy in a bundle!) but for an end of the year teacher thank you gift, we’d recommend the Weekly Planning Pad or the To Do List pad. Or if your child is leaving Reception, they might prefer our EYFS Planning Pad, specifically designed for those working with younger ones.


#4 A Mystery Mix

If you want to give your child’s teacher a little bundle of goodies, try our mystery mixes! This is perfect for those teachers that may already have a planner. Grab a bundle of sticky notes, washi tapes, or notebooks in a range of fun and beautiful designs, so their stationery and planning can be exciting all year! So many teachers are stationery addicts and have endless use for bright and colourful planner accessories like these. This gift is ideal as it’s fun and pretty, but your teacher will get lots of use out of it too.


#5 Some nice tea or coffee

See if your child can become a spy for the day and investigate whether their teacher is a tea drinker or a coffee drinker – this information will come in useful at the end of the school year when it’s time to think about teacher presents! During their teaching career, teachers will be given many a mug – so why not give them something they can put in that mug? A special bag of particularly tasty tea or coffee will go down a treat on a hectic day. Throw in one of our notebooks (and maybe even a cute pen!) to create a thoughtful bundle your teacher will use and appreciate.

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BONUS IDEA – Still not sure?

If you’re still not sure what to get (that’s fine, maybe you don’t know if your child’s teacher has a planner already!), consider getting one of our gift cards! That way, your child’s teacher will be able to have a look and choose exactly what they need to help them plan their teaching. And if you want some advice, send us a message and we will be happy to help you choose a teacher present!