5 Gift Ideas for a Trainee Teacher To Say 'Good Luck!'

5 Gift Ideas for a Trainee Teacher To Say 'Good Luck!'

If you have someone in your life that’s about to start teacher training, this post is for you! Whether it’s your child, your sibling, or your friend, the summer before starting teacher training is really exciting and can also be a little nerve-wracking. It’s the perfect time to get that trainee teacher a gift to help them out during their teacher training course. So if you’re looking for a gift to congratulate them on starting their path towards becoming a teacher, or something to help their studies, here are a few ideas for the perfect gifts for trainee teachers…

Teacher Training Planner

Okay, we’re biased, but we think that the Teacher Training Planner is so helpful for trainee teachers. Our blog writer, Harriet, says she wishes she had found this when she trained to teach as it would have been the perfect place to consolidate all of her notes and been an amazing resource to help stay organised. Each planner contains pages for you to include essential info for up to three different placements, the full ITT framework so it’s there to reference whenever you need, weekly planner pages with blank boxes to be used flexibly depending on whether you’re studying or on placement that week, plus loads of great resources and planning pages like meetings notes pages, observation pages, and records trackers. It’s the essential one-stop-shop planner for trainee teachers!

Trainee Reflective Journal

TPTC Founder Rachel says that her biggest regret from her teacher training is that she didn’t write enough down – she wishes she had kept more memories from that time! That’s why she created the Teacher Training Reflective Journal, so you can record your memories from that year, celebrate your achievements, and see how far you’ve come. The reflective journal has got space to record all your ‘firsts’, like your first school trip or your first parents’ evening. It also has places to record happy moments, things you’re proud of, and advice you receive that you want to hold onto. A great gift for trainee teachers to remember all the amazing things that happen in such a whirlwind of a year!


Our A4 Notebook isn’t just a hardback notebook (that’s also completely beautiful with loads of different designs to choose from)…it’s specially designed for teachers and school staff to be the most helpful notebook possible. It’s divided into 4 sections: a Notes section, with numbered pages and a contents page so you can keep your notes organised, To Do Lists, Ideas (with both dotted pages and mind map templates), and a Meetings section so all of your meeting notes can be in one place. It’s the ideal companion to a planner and a great gift idea for trainee teachers who have to take a lot of notes all throughout the school year. It can keep them super organised and all in one place for both their placements and their studies.

Training Essentials Booklet

Not every trainee teacher will be using our planner – maybe you just want to use a notebook instead (we did just tell you how brilliant they are!) or maybe you’re doing SCITT, where you spend the whole year in one school - then you may want to use the full Teacher Planner instead, as that’s more centred around one school than multiple placements. So if you haven’t got the teacher training planner but you want all the essential helpful info and useful pages, then try the Teacher Training Essentials Booklet! It contains the full ITT framework for reference, plus the essential pages for trainees like the meetings notes and observation notes pages.

To Do Lists and Sticky Notes

We have a great range of To Do Lists and Sticky Notes that make an ideal gift for a trainee teacher who, we’re sure, will always appreciate a good place to take notes! We’ve created a range of different designs because we love to bring a bit of positivity and sparkle to teachers’ work lives and sometimes, a pretty notepad is just the thing to do that, so you can choose the design your trainee teacher will like the best. Our To Do Lists are tear off pads that are easy to bring along in a handbag, and our Sticky Notes are ideal for popping notes around a classroom or even to use inside a Trainee Teacher Planner.