5 Christmas Present Ideas for Your Child’s Teacher

5 Christmas Present Ideas for Your Child’s Teacher

It’s getting towards the end of term and you are all probably very busy with Christmas activities, many of which likely include your child’s school! Nativities, choir concerts, fairs, competitions, non-uniform days…schools often have a jam-packed schedule of Christmas and winter activities. As we get closer to Christmas, you may be thinking about getting your child’s teacher a Christmas present. It’s not necessary, and no teacher will judge you if you don’t get a present! But many parents wish to get something as a little thank you or to share the generosity and good spirit. Some parents even pool a bit of Christmas money together to buy one, bigger present for the class teacher, rather than everyone buying a little something themselves. So, if you’re a parent looking to buy a Christmas present for your child’s teacher at school, here’s our list of teacher gift ideas!


Bundle: Teachers Always Make the Nice List

We’ve put together a great little bundle of goodies for teachers! It includes a mug, a tile (perfect as a coaster!), and a Christmas ornament, as well as a card, all with the theme of ‘Teachers always make the nice list!’ You can also personalise the mug with the teacher’s name to make it extra special. This is a great little Christmas-themed bundle which is a lovely way to show thanks for the teacher’s hard work. If you want, you can also purchase the items individually. Plus, if you want to get a present for the class’s teaching assistant, we have something for that too! We also have a ‘Teaching assistants always make the nice list’ bundle, so all those amazing teaching assistants out there can get the recognition they deserve!

A Teacher Planner

If the parents in your class have pooled some money together to get a lovely Christmas present for your child’s teacher, then we recommend gifting an undated teacher planner. The fact that it’s undated means they can start using it right away in January, rather than waiting until the start of the next school year. Our planners have beautiful covers which make them a lovely gift and enjoyable to use, and you can choose a design you think the teacher will love. They have so many different planner pages, specifically designed for teachers, to help them stay on top if their workload and manage every aspect of your child’s education. Did we mention they’re on sale, too?

Christmas cards

Make sure you have a look at our Christmas cards! If you’re just looking for one card from yourself, we have a ‘Merry Christmas’ card as well as a ‘Teachers always make the nice list’ card, so your child can write a special Christmas card to their teacher. Or, if you’re a big name in the parents’ whatsapp, maybe you want to co-ordinate a Christmas card writing campaign! We also have a bundle of 32 Christmas postcards, with a wintry design and space to write on the back. You could purchase this bundle and hand them out, so that each child can write their own special message to their teacher, which is always the most treasured gift.


Most teachers are stationery fiends and love to get a new notepad or accessory to add to their collection. There’s a lot of paper planning involved in teaching, and having pretty stationery and accessories just makes it a lot more fun – don’t ask us why, it just does! So have a look at our stationery bits, like the To Do list pads, A5 notebooks, and washi tapes. These are budget-friendly and many of them are on sale at the moment, too. Grab a couple of things and wrap them up with a card (and maybe a chocolate bar!) and you’ll have a little bundle that makes a perfect teacher present.

A drawing or a letter

Of course, you don’t always have to buy something new. We know many teachers keep folders just for storing all of the drawings and letters they’ve received from their students over the years, as these are often the most cherished gifts they’ll receive. If your child likes your teacher, then for Christmas they could take some time to draw or paint them a nice picture, and write a little note or letter to go with it. Maybe they could draw their favourite memory from the year, so their drawing will help the teacher to always remember that moment, too. This is especially nice for younger children or children who are less confident writers, as they can express themselves through art.