4 Ideas for Your Class Christmas Cards This Year

4 Ideas for Your Class Christmas Cards This Year

Want to give your students a Christmas card to take ho-ho-home? There’s a lot going on in schools at this time of year, but many of us want to give our class a little something at Christmas; and we as teachers know that, often, the best thing is a thoughtful card. But with an entire class of students to provide for, plus all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and winter activities, it can be tricky to find the time to put something together! Here are a few ideas for Christmas cards that you busy teachers can give your class of children.

Our TPTC Christmas Postcards

We’ve put together a set of 32 Christmas postcards, so you don’t need to worry about making your own cards. The set comes in a range of colours, so you can write them with your students’ preferences in mind. These are a great way to gift them a little note to take home so you can wish them (and their family) a merry Christmas. The cards are wintry themed, with penguins, a polar bear plus some twinkly lights and cozy knitwear, but they're not actually Christmas-specific, which is ideal as not all families celebrate Christmas! You can still give your students a wintry postcard and wish them a happy holidays, or just send them good wishes. You can also opt to include envelopes for the postcards, so if you want to write personal messages then you can pop them inside an envelope for privacy. Click here to have a look at our Christmas postcards.

Get the students involved!

Turn the cards into a little surprise activity. If you have some time near Christmas where you can have a little chill-out or art time, give the children a piece of paper that’s a little smaller than A5 and ask them to draw a Christmas picture. You could give them a theme, like asking them to draw their family at Christmas, design their own Christmas tree, or draw a winter scene. You could incorporate some art skills by using something like oil pastels or even paints. You can purchase blank cards from shops like The Range or Hobbycraft, so have some of these handy, or else you can make your own by folding up some A4 card. Then after school, you can stick their design to a card and write on the inside. Then the next day, their pieces of art have been transformed into Christmas cards! This way, your students get a card from you and their family gets a piece of their child’s art to bring home, so it’s personal to them.

Cricut Christmas trees

We know many of you teachers have a Cricut at home - they are so helpful when it comes to making classroom displays! So consider ways you can use your Cricut to make Christmas cards yourself, so it can do some of the work for you. A super simple way to do this is to use green card, and cut it into a Christmas tree-shaped card. You’ll have an instant obvious Christmas theme with not too much effort! You could glue on little pom poms as baubles, or add some glitter (if you’re brave!) and pop your message on the inside.


Of course, we don’t all have time to make our own cards – that’s what our Christmas postcards are for! But there are things you can do to add some personal touches to pre-made cards. Consider buying a set of Christmas or winter themed stamps and an ink pad. Stamps are a fast way to personalise something and add some cute characters or pictures. You could also find a ‘Merry Christmas’ stamp to save you from writing it out 30 times! We like this option as you can use the stamps year after year, and are great for jazzing something up when you don’t have much time – lay out all the cards in front of you and stamp, stamp, stamp away!