Trainee Teacher Planners 2020-2021


We love this quotation about teaching: "The best start to being a great teacher is when you plan to be!" Creating a truly special trainee teacher planner is a real privilege and something we don't take lightly at TPTC. As experienced teachers, we believe that we should all take some responsibility in nurturing the future of our wonderful profession. Therefore, we are proud to offer these for the teachers of the next generation.

Who are the trainee planners for?

Our teacher training planners are aimed at trainee teachers who are participating in school/educational setting based placements during their teacher training. We recommend them for most trainee teachers but advise that trainees following a program such as SCITT or Teach First, where they will be school-based most of the year, to buy a full teacher planner.

What is the difference between a trainee planner and a TPTC teacher planner?

The main differences are that trainee planners:

What does the trainee planner look like?

Our trainee planners come in all of the designs available to the standard teacher planners meaning you can also buy the matching accessories to accompany your planner. Here are some examples of the inside pages of our trainee planners:


How long do the planners last for?

All of our trainee planners come with double spread monthly calendar pages which allow you to put all of your important dates in for throughout your training year. You can then select from three options for the amount of daily planning pages you would like: 8 weeks, 16 weeks or 24 weeks. Each block of 8 weeks comes with a new timetable, seating plan and term planner before commencing the next block of 8 weeks daily planning pages.

So, for example, if you were going to be on placement in a school for one half term you would select a 8 week planner. If you were going to be on a placement for the whole of Autumn term you would need a 16 week planner.

We suggest buying a separate planner if you change placement during the school year as this will allow you fresh pupil focus pages for your new setting.