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Introducing the TPTC Teacher Planner 2020-2021

It's time to introduce the 2020-2021 planners already! I remember being so nervous and excited about our 2019-2020 offering: new suppliers, new layout, new everything! However, we sold out before the academic year even started and the feedback from you guys on how to enhance them further was incredibly useful. You gave me so much drive for this coming year: to make them even better in every way. Thank you.

Teaching is the most glorious profession and I never want to stop working hard to make sure our planners work as best as they can for you. Therefore I hope that you'll be pleased to see lots of significant improvements to this year's planner as well as the popular additions we made in 2019. So with without further ado, let's have a look what we have coming up! (Excited face!)

Hardback cover

2019 was the first time that we produced hardback planners and the feedback was simply lovely! So, it was without hesitation that we reproduced these for you again. Even though, I've spilt coffee on mine twice and it's been battered around in my classroom more times than I can count, my 2019 planner has stood the test of time and classroom chaos. Tick! 

8 designs

Revealing our 8 cover designs for the year is the most exciting time for me! It is a lengthy and detailed process to select our final 8, let me assure you! I can never predict which one will be the most popular and, more often than not, you all surprise me with your favourites. This year, I hope we have a range of designs which suit everybody; I certainly can't choose between them yet! Good luck! 

Elastic strap

Elastic strap, or as I like to call it 'staff meeting notes holder-inner', makes a comeback again this year. With coordinating colours to go with your planner I think it adds that extra special pop of colour to each design.

Inside pocket

This year, the inside pocket has an extra special job: holding one of our matching planner notebooks (I'll tell you more about those below). However, you choose to use it, I've definitely found it a handy addition and improvement to this year's planner.

*NEW for 2020* Notebook

Although I absolutely loved last year's notebooks, I wanted something that I could keep with my planner (anyone who knows me, knows I lose paper so easily!). This year our notebooks are soft back, lined throughout and fit super neatly into the inside pocket of the planner.

*NEW for 2020* Tabs

Tabs have been the number one most requested addition for the planners this year so I couldn't not add them in as standard! Each tab page is sturdy, marks out all the important sections of this year's planner and is ultra useful itself (we don't want any wasted space at TPTC!)

*NEW for 2020* Page Marker

I've tried and tested so many different way of bringing you a page marker to this year's planner. Although lots of you wanted ribbon, it just didn't work well on a wire-bound planner. However, when my supplier came back with this clip-in bookmark option I was over the moon! It's super easy to clip on and off your weekly planning pages.


*NEW for 2020* Planner Stickers

Are planner stickers completely necessary? Absolutely not! But they don't half look pretty ( and isn't that the most important thing, here?!!)! Our stickers come in a set of 2 A5 pages: another handy job for that inside pocket.

*NEW for 2020* Washi Tape

Honestly, I hadn't even thought about creating matching washi tape, but I've seen so many amazing and beautiful TPTC Planners filled with so many uses for washi tape, I had to get onboard! Although my business partner Sally has been calling it wasabi tape for the past few months, but we won't mention that (she may kill me for this!)!

*NEW for 2020* Pen Loop

I think as teachers we are known for our love of stationery. So you'd think if we loved it so much we wouldn't lose as many ones as we do! I start the year with a box of 100 blue biros and yet I'm still searching around for one now! Our pen loops attach to the cover of your planner meaning they'll always be on hand!

Marking and Feedback book

Our matching marking and feedback books are back in all 8 of our cover designs. Now with 160 pages (40 of which are assessment pages). And, yes, we can do whole school orders for these (please note that we sold out of our 19/20 designs very early in the academic year, so please order your 20/21 records early to avoid disappointment).

*New for 2020* Planner Page Additions

Here at TPTC we rely on your feedback and so we've made a few additions and alterations to the inside pages of this year's planner. This includes an awful lot more assessment pages (you secondary teachers really need them!), space for parents' evening appointments, some extra timetable pages, a wellbeing review, long term planning page and lots more! Keep your eyes open for the full planner page run though coming soon.