The response to 2018-2019 planners, notebooks and marking a feedback records was absolutely phenomenal. I can't put into words how much I have appreciated the support from all my fellow teachers out there.

I have loved getting your feedback from these books and I am very pleased to say that I have been able to apply most of the things that you all asked for.

More designs

This year, there will be a whopping 8 designs to choose from altogether. If you haven't already, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we are revealing new cover designs every couple of days. It's incredibly exciting to see the love for all the designs revealed so far, so thank you!


A greater variety of designs

I was thrilled to provide so many planners in 18/19 to many male as well as female teachers. However, I did occasionally receive feedback that the designs were 'feminine heavy'. This year, not only do 8 designs broaden the range from 6, but a much more detailed market analysis involving a full range of teachers has also taken place. I hope that you agree that this is reflected in the results!  

Hardback Cover

Yey! This is by far the biggest improvement to planners, notebooks and marking and feedback books this year. Hardwearing, water resistant and much better looking, the brand new hardback covers are a much asked for improvement which I am so happy I could apply to this year's products!

Elastic fastening

I don't know about you, but by the end of September my planner is chock-a-block full of papers that have been handed out and I haven't yet filed. This year's planners come with an elasticated band fastening to make sure all those sheets stay where I need them to be until I find a home for them! 

Inside Pocket

I love carrying stickers and praise cards around with me, so the inside of all planners now have their own pocket, just big enough to tuck away those little reward cards and sticker sheets.


It doesn't matter if your terms are different to the rest of the country, whether you live in Scotland and only have four long terms etc, available this year, are adhesive tabs which you can attach wherever you need them in your planner.

Planner Page Markers

Just because I love everything to match, page markers in all 8 designs are available to make getting to your planner pages much faster.

Assessment Pages

As I used my marking and feedback book this year, I realised how useful it would be to have assessment record pages in the back of the planner. Therefore, this year's marking and feedback records are now called 'Marking, Feedback and Assessment Records', with brand new design whole class marking pages and assessment record pages at the back.


Personalisation this year is an optional extra for your books. This year you'll be able to purchase name labels which can be added in a variety of different fonts/styles with a choice of black or gold vinyl.

Even More Secondary Friendly!

I am thrilled that so many secondary teachers support TPTC and made us their 'go-to' place for planners! This year, thanks to some expert feedback, I have made sure that the 'teacher planner' is suitable for both primary and secondary teachers and also provides for more periods in the day for secondary. Take a look!…

Here's the planner itself. Please note, this a 'walkthrough' version: the full planner is 232 pages this year.


Another thing I was determined not to increase this year is the price. Despite the significant improvements we've made, all planners will remain at £28 as a huge thank you for the continued support. There is an opportunity to get it cheaper though…

 If you would like to order in bulk for your school, please get in touch via where we may be able to offered a further discount.

Trainee teacher planners will also be available in the new cover designs from April.