Pre-order FAQ

When will planners be available to pre-order?

Pre-orders for our 2021/22 range will open on Saturday 30th January at 9am.

Will Trainee Planners and Academic Diaries also be launching this month?

Our A5 Academic Diaries will match our A4 Teacher Planners this year but won't be available  to purchase until April 2021. Our Trainee Planners will also match and will be available to buy at the beginning of March 2021.

What free gift will we receive with our planners?

We will be putting an exclusive TPTC Gratitude Journal into all planner orders made before the end of February. You don't need to add this to your basket or use a code to get it as we'll pop it straight into your parcel for you (one per planner ordered)! 

Is there a discount code for pre-ordering?

Absolutely, but strictly only for our newsletter subscribers. You can subscribe to our planner newsletter by following this link. Please make sure you sign-up to this before midnight on the 29th January to secure your code as we cannot send it out after this point.

When will I receive my order?

We aim to start posting orders as soon as the planners arrive at our warehouse but please allow us time to get them all packed up. We estimate orders will ship from the end of February into March. Thank you so much in advance for your patience in getting yours to you. If you see other people receiving their planners, don't worry, it's just because we have so many to send out. We'll get to yours as soon as we can.

I know that you tend to sell-out quickly, so this year will you be restocking designs that sell out?

Yes, but we are only planning for one additional shipment so please order early to secure your desired design! Due to the considerable demand, we have planned ahead and have another delivery of planners coming in April, but as mentioned, we recommend you order soon to avoid disappointment. One they're gone, they're gone!

Where can I see the inside of the planner?

We have lots of pictures of the inside of the planner on our product pages but you can also see a planner run through here:

I haven't secured my teaching position for 2021/22 yet. Should I wait to buy my planner?

That's a tough question and ultimately up to you! We will restock planners in April so there's time time to secure your planner before September, however it is first come first served and we don't know how busy we'll be this year. 

Are you selling matching Marking, Feedback and Assessment Books this year?

No. After feedback from last year we decided not to continue with the matching M&F Books this year. We still have some designs remaining from last year and will move to one generic design once these have sold out. They'll still be as exceedingly useful as always, of course! 

I am going to be a trainee teacher. Which planner should I buy?

If your placement is in one school for more than 24 weeks, please select a full Teacher Planner as this will support you best in your training year. If you are on multiple shorter placements then we recommend a Trainee Planner for each placement. Trainee Planners will launch in March 2021

We want to order planners for our school staff. How do we do this?

We would be happy to put a bespoke quote together for a larger school order. Please email and we'll be delighted to help you. Alternatively, simply order through the site!