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Introducing the TPTC Teacher Planner for 2021-2022

What can you expect from our 2021/22 Teacher Planners? I couldn't be more excited to reveal the following...

As always, we've taken your invaluable feedback from our 2020/21 range and applied much of it to this year's planner. Year on year we strive to give our fellow teachers the absolute best when it comes to their planner. No compromises. No excuses. Only the best.

We hope you love it as much as we do...

Hardback Cover

The hardback cover has now become a staple of the TPTC Teacher Planner. Our standard planners will come in A4 hardback as usual this year, but if you're after something smaller, you could try out B5 Undated Planners coming in February or our A5 diaries coming in April (the Undated Planners are also perfect for teachers in The Middle East or other regions that teach Sunday - Thursday).

10 Designs

Last year we chose 8 designs; this year it's 10. We took on-board lots of feedback about our cover choices and selected some themes which you asked us for, including more gender neutral designs to try and cater for a greater range of tastes and styles.

Elastic Strap

Elastic strap - or as I like to call it 'staff meeting notes holder-inner thingy' - makes a comeback again this year. With coordinating colours to go with your planner, I think it adds that extra special pop of pizazz to each design. Most importantly, it's just so useful.

Inside Pocket

This year, the inside pocket has an extra special job: holding one of our matching planner notebooks and our brand new matching planner stickers (I'll tell you more about those below). 


Our A5 notebooks are soft back, lined throughout and fit super neatly into the inside pocket of the planner. You'll also be very happy to hear that we have reproduced the very popular A4 hardback notebooks to match our new planner designs. These will launch with our planners at the end of January. I really can't wait!


The TPTC Planner comes with 7 tabbed sections: Teacher Focus, Pupil Focus, Calendar, Termly Planning, Weekly Planning, Meetings and Assessment. Each tab page is sturdy, marks out all the important sections of this year's planner and is ultra useful itself (we don't want any wasted space at TPTC!).

*NEW for 2021* Spiral Binding

Since TPTC started in 2017, we have used wire-o binding on our planners but this year we have raised the bar and are moving over to spiral binding. We have four different spiral colours (matching our cover designs of course) for our full 2021/22 range. Spiral binding makes your planner extra secure and allows you to fold it in on itself without compromising the binding. Game-changing!

Page Marker

We launched our clip-in page marker last year and you guys loved it! Because we have changed to a different binding style this year, it means that we need to change the style of our page marker. Remember to recycle your old marker to use on a wire bound book so you can use our new ones for your 2021/22 planner.

*NEW for 2021* Corner Protectors (as standard!)

I know that as much as I'd love to think of our TPTC Planners sat neatly on a desk, protected from the dangers of the outside world, in reality they can go through the wars. After dropping my own planner on my office floor earlier this year, I knew that corner protectors this year were a must. Each planner will feature corner protectors, perfectly matching the spiral binding of the planner and they look amazing! Also, they come at no extra cost to you. 


*NEW for 2021* Matching Planner Sticker Sets

Are planner stickers completely necessary? Absolutely not! But they don't half look pretty especially when they match your planner (and isn't that the most important thing, here?!!)! Our stickers come in a set of 2 A5 pages: another handy job for that inside pocket and match each of our 10 cover designs. We'll also continue to sell the planner stickers that we launched last year with those all important reminders and dates for your diary.

Washi Tape

When I showed you all washi tape last year, hardly anybody had heard of it and now my Instagram feed seems to be full of it (as well as my desk). We absolutely had to provide matching washi tape this year, if only for my own selfish needs!

Pen Loop

I think as teachers we are known for our love of stationery. So you'd think if we loved it so much, we wouldn't lose as many pens as we do! I start the year with a box of 100 blue biros and yet I'm still searching around for one now! Our pen loops attach to the cover of your planner meaning they'll always be on hand! We'll have pen loops in 6 different colours this year so there's sure to be one to match perfectly with your planner.

 Planner Page Additions

Here at TPTC we rely on your feedback and so we've made a few additions and alterations to the inside pages of this year's planner. This year we've made a few additions to the planner: extra meetings pages, a birthday page, a habit tracker page, a timetable and seating plan for each half term and an extra long term plan. As always, these were carefully considered and added with considerable consultation with our fabulous TPTC Community. Thank you, you lovely lot!


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