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Introducing the brand new TPTC Academic Diaries

As an experienced senior leader and class teacher - not to mention busy Mum, wife and 'home-maker'- my need to be organised is considerable. Although my TPTC planner is essential to everything I do in school, I wanted something in addition that complements it and would support me with my day to day organisation: both with my home life home and at school. It seems that many of you are in the same boat...

As with all TPTC products, careful thought has gone into every single element of the Academic Diary. It suits an array of individuals: SLT members, teachers, TAs, university students, busy professionals... basically anybody whose brain works in academic years and needs to be super organised day to day, term to term. It's ideal in addition to your TPTC Planner or as a stand alone diary.

So, here's a run down of what you expect from our diaries...

Three Cover Choices

We absolutely love a 'cover reveal' moment at TPTC and so I jumped at the chance to do three more with the diary. I've even selected a cover this time (for the first time ever) that is one block colour for everybody who requested a 'neutral option'.



Gold Accents

It was absolutely essential to me, that because the diary is going to be used daily, carried around, taken to meetings etc, it had to be durable, practical and stylish. The gold metal corners protect your diary all year round. The gold elastic keeps everything altogether (especially when you fill things with paper like I do), and the gold embossing on the front and back makes it stand out from the crowd.

So many of our 2020 planner accessories fit perfectly with our diary, too. The diary includes an inside pocket for storing bits and pieces; our planner stickers stick perfectly onto the diary pages; the pen loops also fit perfectly onto the back cover and you can also use our patterned washi tape in your diary.
You can have up to 7 characters embossed in gold on the front of your diary. I just think this finishes the diary off perfectly!


Tabbed Months

The diary is split up into months from August 2020 to July 2021 with each section tabbed for easy use. As with our TPTC Planners, the tab pages are super useful too, with a full month overview on one side and some monthly reminders/wellbeing checks on the back. Of course we also have a lovely quote on these too... it wouldn't be a TPTC product without one!



Daily Diary Pages

Each diary page includes a daily schedule so you can plan in exactly what's happening in your day. It also includes a few different to do lists to keep your priorities in check, space for notes and also a 'wellbeing check-in'.


Other Essential Pages

At the back of the planner you'll find 3 double checklist pages. Although these look like the assessment records we have in our TPTC Planner, they could be used for keeping track of anything: work or home related. We've also included the useful finds pages as well as a long term overview for the whole academic year, linking nicely to your TPTC Teacher Planner.