Meet the TPTC Team

Our Story

We are extremely proud of how far TPTC has come since it started in a living room in 2017. Built from the ground by teachers (and partners who got caught up in it too), we've built a community of thousands of educators. Our TPTC Community is full of amazing and inspiring teachers, always there to support and motivate each other: a true Happy Place For Teachers. We'd love for you to meet our TPTC Team:

In 2017, I'd just had my second little girl, Robyn. I was a busy mum, juggling teaching full time with two children under two and two puppies (why on earth did I think that was a good idea?). I'd just accepted a job as an Assistant Head and the idea for TPTC came to me over the summer holidays. I wanted a planner for my new job which was useful, going to keep me super organised (because I'm really not) and also pretty (who doesn't love pretty stationery?). So after running the idea past Carl, my husband, I bought a printer, binding machine, a heap of paper and started to work making the first TPTC Planner. In the first two years of TPTC I made every single planner myself - designed it, printed it, bound it, shipped it. There were lots of tears, late nights and days when I wondered if it was worth it. Three years down the line I look back and am so thankful I stuck with it - this has been the most amazing journey and I get to spend my days doing two things I adore: making people's days by sending them exciting parcels AND making that crazy-hectic job of teaching a little bit easier for fellow teachers. I can't wait to see where TPTC goes next, but I know it all wouldn't be possible without this amazing team behind me...

Carl is my husband and an integral part of TPTC. In the early days when TPTC was still in our living room, he spent hours handwriting addresses onto parcels and looking after our two girls while I was up until the early hours making planners. Now that TPTC has moved out of the house (to his relief) Carl is able to concentrate on what he loves best - social media. After having his own successful dad-blog during his time as a stay-at-home-dad, Carl threw himself building TPTC's Facebook and Instagram accounts and recently set up our TPTC Planner Inspiration Group. Despite not being from a teaching background, he has spent so much time looking at teaching accounts, planner inspiration and talking to educators, I think he would be ready to take on a class of his own! 

In 2010, I'd just finished university and accepted my first teaching job in Leeds. I was extremely lucky to be given Henry as an NQT mentor. A talented and passionate teacher, he was the inspiration I needed for the start of my teaching career - someone who loved teaching, valued education and shared his passion with those around him (all the core values of TPTC today). Seven years down the line, just after I'd launched TPTC, Henry got involved too. Seeing the potential TPTC had to support and motivate teachers, Henry did what he had done as my mentor: guided me, reigned me in when I had too many ideas all at once, and inspired me. Henry now heads up our Twitter account as well as a million other admin type jobs that I'm too disorganised to tackle!

Sally, a secondary drama teacher and Henry's wife, is an amazing part of TPTC. With two boys to keep her and Henry busy, Sally does a fantastic job of also juggling our accounting and product development, as well as supporting schools in ordering from our website. With Sally also being from a teaching background, she is able to give me a secondary perspective on the ideas I have as well as the creativity being a drama teacher brings.


Sandra has been with TPTC since 2019 and I'm very lucky to have her as my mother-in-law too. When TPTC moved to my little office in the garden, Sandra began to spend a few days packing up planners with me - she's my absolute star! A TPTC product expert now, Sandra helps to pack and send our orders, making sure each parcel has that extra special TPTC touch that's so important to us.

Laura began working for TPTC this summer, packing up planner after planner, and adding a little bit of sparkle to the TPTC office. An experienced teacher, Laura brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. We're very lucky to have her! 


Wayne is the newest member of the TPTC Team and my brother-in-law (it's starting to become a family business!). Having a wealth of experience working in retail, Wayne came onboard to take over the day to day operations of TPTC so that I can concentrate on designing exciting new products and engaging with my TPTC Community. He's definitely become the organisational wiz that I needed at TPTC HQ!

A special shout-out too to Frank, our resident handyman and business advisor. His guidance, experience and creativity continues to be essential: a crucial cog in the TPTC machine! We couldn't do it all without him! 

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