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A look inside the brand new 2020-21 TPTC Planner

Our 2020-21 TPTC Planners are here and I'm proud to share the contents with you! We've made some exciting changes this year, largely based on the hugely useful feedback we were given on last year's planners. As always, I design our planners for you: I want to make them as useful and user-friendly as possible, but they're also super-flexible: ideal for early years, as well as all key stages right up to adult education.  So here’s what to expect in the new planners and how you can use them. Please note: I have suggested how certain pages can be used based on lots of feedback and my own practice as a school leader and teacher, but you can of course adapt the exact use to your own specific needs. Enjoy! 
Personal Profile Page (1 tab page)
This is obviously the most important page as it’s where you’ll do your neatest handwriting (!): the first page! I didn’t think it was necessary to put too many details about yourself, but rather some reminders of goals you have this year (I’ve made mine all to do with wellbeing rather than performance management) and also a very useful username and password tracker for those school subscriptions! What you'll also see from this year's planner (this page being the perfect example) is that all of your tabbed pages are useful header pages themselves. No wasted space!
Supply Information 
Although designed primarily for giving information to supply teachers, this page can also be used for reminders for yourself, especially if you are starting in a new school setting. To use this for supply teachers, I would fill in this page with all those little details that my supply would need to know such as routines, class jobs, key children etc and photocopy it for them when they come in.
Professional Development 
I don’t know about you, but my performance management meetings seem to come out of nowhere and I find myself preparing for them a few days before, trying desperately to think about what I’ve been doing to work towards my targets. I know I have been working towards them: I’ve been working really hard but sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what I’ve done. This page is great for recording your targets for development and then there’s also space underneath to note any training you have been on or delivered. I even colour-code my targets and training so I know which actions have contributed to which targets. This year we've also added a section to make notes for your mid-year review.
This Year’s Actions 
This is the mother of all to-do lists! Based on Eisenhower’s Matrix, this is where you can put all of those actions that you want to complete over the course of the year. This is especially handy if you lead a subject or are part of SLT and want to plan out some actions towards the SDP.
Useful Teacher Finds 
I love social media and the amount I learn is terrific, but I often lose track of exactly what came up and where it was from when I need it (sound familiar?)! This page, split into 6 sections, I can record any useful books, apps, blogs, websites, social media accounts or podcasts that have been suggested to me. I’ve also given myself space to rate them so I can remind myself of which ones were great and which ones not so.
Again, highly flexible! 'Groups' pages are really handy for a range of things. I've used mine for mostly school visits, but you can use yours for planning lesson activities, spelling groups, intervention groups... the list is endless.
Pupil Focus (66 spaces)
Our pupil focus pages give you 66 spaces to record notes about the development of and actions for children in your class/es or across school if you’re SLT. This can then be used to remind you of talking points for parents' evenings too.
Intervention Plans 
Strategic planning and monitoring of interventions is key, so our 10 space intervention plans are great for setting up interventions but also keeping track of how those children are progressing. These could also be used for individual classes or for whole school plans. Again, very flexible! 
Calendar (double page per month)
The planner calendar goes from August 2020 to July 2021 so if you’re a teacher in Scotland, you’re covered!
Important Dates (double page)
I don’t know about you, but I’m always forgetting those important dates that are coming up on the educational calendar. Especially as English lead, it’s important that I know when to plan in exciting opportunities to celebrate these dates in school. I have prefilled the months with some that I feel are important (although many were not available at the time of print), but there's plenty of room for you to add your own.
Our timetable has enough space for 8 lessons across the day and I’ve also made sure I’ve included three in the planner so that if you’re a secondary teacher on a 2 week timetable, it can still be recorded here.
This term… 
I absolutely love the way this double page has turned out! There’s 6 of these in the planner so you can get super organised for each term ahead. The first page is an ideas page so you can scribble down all those ideas you have for a topic or lists of objectives for each year group: it’s a great open space so it’s really your choice. The next page is great for sorting out what needs to be done before the term starts, but also some key reminder of events coming up. The tab for this section now also includes a long term plan.
Wellbeing Review Planner
Our wellbeing review allows you to keep track of how well you're keeping your wellbeing at the forefront of your week. Each week you can highlight your days (red amber, green or RAG) so you can keep track of how you are doing. Too many reds last week? You know you have some work to do next week!
Planning pages 
All of the planning pages are dated, meaning they can also be used as a diary. The dates go from mid August to the end of July, so again if you’re teaching in Scotland, I’m making sure the planner suits you too. Each planning page covers the whole week and is split into 6 lesson sections. There’s also space as the side for notes and of course… a to-do list! A TPTC planner wouldn't be complete without some great 'teachery' quotes too, so you'll find a new one for each week.
Each planner contains meetings pages with space for notes but also space to separate actions from the meeting. We also now have a mixture of full meetings pages and shorter 'briefing' section for quick meetings that don't need a lot of space.
Assessment Record (14 double pages and 2 single pages)
I’ve included 16 of these in the planner this year, with space for 35 children. I’ve also 'greyed' boxes in groups of 5 for easy use. You can also find 20 more of these pages in our marking, feedback and assessment records.
Other extras
With 8 new tabbed pages, we also have lots of other extras to make your teaching year more organised and help you to reflect, too. This includes an annual reflection page; pupil positivity focus page; seating plan; things to remember page; and much much more! Make sure you look out for our ever popular 'through' videos on our social media platforms, where we will have  good look through each section of the planner.
Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing how much you loved your 2019 planner: whether you got excited about it in the staffroom; had compliments at your latest CPD course or raved about it on Twitter. For a small business all of those things mean a huge deal to us. Again, thank you!