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Our Top 5 TPTC Picks to Get You Organised for the Year Ahead

Written by Rachel Turner


Posted on August 22 2019

Each year, I struggle to believe how fast September comes around. It's the most exciting time for us as teachers: a brand-new class; a fresh start in our classrooms; and a determination to be the most organised teacher any child has ever seen!

I often get asked, especially by NQTs, what I would recommend as my top TPTC essentials. So here it is- the most difficult list I have ever made! As everyone always says- I could buy everything!

  1.  Teacher Planner

The teacher planner: it’s where TPTC first started back in 2017. I designed the TPTC planner after being given the same planner every year since I was an NQT, pulling it out from a pile of papers to take to a staff meeting, doodling in it and then putting it back under the same pile of papers. I went on to design the TPTC planner: a planner teachers actually find useful! It has to be my number one essential now. I absolutely couldn’t be without mine and I know there’s so many of you out there now that would say exactly the same thing!

 2. Support Assistant pad

I have used this format for organising adults in my classroom for years, but finally getting it onto a handy tear-off pad has done wonders for my workload and is now an essential part of mine and my TA’s day. If you’re an NQT or trainee teacher, saving these pieces of paper is a great way of showing evidence that you can organise the use of adults in your classroom too.

3. Praise Cards

As I’ve written about in my previous blog post, having a meaningful reward system is essential to every classroom. With tens of designs now, there’s a card to suit every child, whatever age! Also, check out our praise card holders which are useful for storing them on your desk.

4. Marking and feedback sheets

Whether you’d rather have them on a tear-off pad, or in a bound book, our marking and feedback sheets are designed to take the workload out of ‘marking’ and increase the effectiveness of the feedback you give to children. Starting out the year with an ethos of effective feedback rather than lengthy marking is essential for September.

5. Teacher Wellbeing Cards

Happy teachers make for happy children. What makes a happy teacher? Someone who feels appreciated and trusted in their role. I have a stack of wellbeing cards and love to write one to staff around the school, letting them know that we all know what a great job they are doing. Sometimes all it takes is a note on a postcard to make someone’s day!

So, there they are! Even though I could choose everything (and of course I’m biased), they are the essentials that I’ll be starting my year within September.

I need to sneak one tiny little one in though, but I think I’m allowed seeing as though they are limited edition. These brand new, limited edition Praise Cards were made with September in mind. They work beautifully whether teachers write on them with a positive message to start the term for each child or the children decide upon their target/s for the year and record them on to something special that they can then keep.