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The Positive Teacher Feature: Lucy Flower

Written by Rachel Turner


Posted on November 20 2019

The Positive Teacher Feature: meet Lucy! 
We all need balance, which means different things to different people, but Lucy's journey is nothing short of inspirational and very moving. Her beautifully honest account of how she navigated her career ambition with motherhood will resonate so deeply with many (certainly me!) and we feel privileged to share her story.  Thank you Lucy, you are most definitely a very Positive Teacher (and not just because you have a beautiful name)!
Name: Lucy Flower (@MrsLFlower)
Former Assistant Principal, now teacher of music and general positivity spreader (not an official title!) for ages 11-16, a secondary school in West Yorkshire 
Why did you get into teaching?
From a young age, music was my passion! I spent hours after school and every weekend in every choir, orchestra and musical theatre show going. I played many instruments, and decided to study music at University. I was always very assertive, and would often be told I should be a teacher, but I resisted until my final year at university, where I joined the Music Education Group who did school wide projects across York. I absolutely loved igniting the passion I felt about my subject in young people, and suddenly realised I'd find my calling! I trained on a SCITT course for a year, then was fortunate to find my first post as a music teacher in a school in Bradford. I stayed there for 6 and a half years, rising to Head of Year 7. I was ambitious, and so moved to a school in Leeds where after a year I was appointed Assistant Principal with a  pastoral focus. I loved this role and was extremely proud of my achievement, but after having post-natal depression following the birth of my wonderful daughter Rosie, I returned to my SLT role and discovered I was no longer as resilient, confident or capable as before. Despite my best efforts I made a series of mistakes, and stepped down from SLT to pursue more balance in my life. Although a really difficult and heart-wrenching decision, it has already helped me to rediscover my thirst for learning, to find the positivity in all I do, and give me the energy to realise the love of inspiring others!
What are your top tips for positivity and excitement within your role?
My top tip for maintaining positivity and excitement in our role is to look up! When it seems hard, or thankless, seek out those amazing moments; watch another colleague to get inspiration to change up your routine and try something new; go and spend lunchtime in the dining hall with the students and just chat about their lives; and find balance in your life, phone a friend, listen to a well-loved song, or go and see a play! Spread some sparkle to your students and colleagues - it will come back tenfold!
Looking back, what advice would you give your NQT/Trainee self?
The advice to my NQT self would be: Stop seeking perfection - you are the only person with this unrealistic expectation of yourself. And - be kind. Always.
What's the best thing about being a teacher?
Those hilarious moments that no-one else outside our profession understands, and the privilege to be able to make others feel amazing about themselves. 
Would you rather do every single playground duty for a term or ten minutes into the next staff meeting, without warning, start 'twerking' for 10 seconds minimum, without even attempting to justify it afterwards?
100% I would choose twerking! To be honest this sounds like me even without this choice to make...I love to sing and dance randomly in my lessons, but in front of colleagues would take it to another level!
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