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The Positive Teacher Feature: Lisa C

Written by Rachel Turner


Posted on November 26 2019

The Positive Teacher Feature: meet Lisa! 
Now, I'm slightly biased, but I think teaching is fantastic. However, it took an innocuous, almost accidental week's experience in a school for Lisa to stumble upon the joy of life in a school. Judging from what's below, this London-based, Year 3 teacher is now 'head over heels' with our glorious profession and is most definitely a seriously Positive Teacher! Lisa, we thank you: this is exactly why The Positive Teacher Feature was invented! 
Name: Lisa C
I'm a second year teacher in inner London teaching Year 3. I'm also in my first year of being Computing Lead (but I'm secretly desperate to be Geography Lead!) 
Why did you get into teaching: 

I got into teaching after being denied work experience in fashion during my sixth form days. I had always wanted to do something creative but coming from Northern Ireland, fashion wasn't easy to get into. I decided to "just go back to my primary school for the week" to pass the time and I walked out of school on Friday afternoon crying my eyes out as I realised that it was exactly what I wanted to do! Cue frantically swapping UCAS applications to 'Primary Education'!
What are your top tips for positivity and excitement within your role?
I think the best way to have excitement in your role is to BE EXCITED. I try and only teach topics and lessons I am genuinely excited about and although that may be hard sometimes (especially in maths) I try and turn it into a game/find a fun song/make a quiz to get me and the kiddos excited about learning it. Kids are incredible detectives of when you're just not feeling it and that can have such an impact on the positive energy in the room. I think when it comes to positivity in teaching, it's all about the little victories like completing a 'To Do' list or marking ALL the books in one go or even an afternoon of no tears (from adults or children!). 
Looking back, what advice would you give your NQT/Trainee self?

This is a hard one because I was only an NQT last year so I still feel like I'm the same person but I think the main piece of advice would be to ask for help when you need it. It doesn't show weakness or inexperience. Literally no one expects you to know everything in your first year (or your second, third or fourth year for that matter!) so don't worry about admitting you don't know something and getting the help you need.
What's the best thing about being a teacher?

I honestly can't pick one thing! So I've picked my top three: 
  • Those moments when kids come rushing into your classroom with a big smile on their face
  • Getting to make displays and decorate your classroom/book corner exactly how you want
  • That heartfelt 'thank you' from a parent when their child has finally 'got' that thing they just couldn't do because of something you have done. 

Would you rather sing in front of the whole school in assembly or dance at the next governors' meeting?
This is an easy one for me because I have already sung in front of the whole school! Luckily, I work in a Junior School so it's only Year 3-Year 6 but I was in charge of teaching the whole school a song for the end of term last year which meant I had to sing it to them first! Definitely scarier than any observation I have ever done! 
Do you love teaching? If you'd like to nominate yourself or another teacher who you think deserves to be featured, please email us at We'd love to hear from you!



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